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The discussion the iPhone makes it apparent that the iPhone, being a ground-breaking communication device was highly sensitive when it was launched and the limitations and requirements that apple chose to apply in the usage of the iPhone came as a profound influence on the response that early adopters had to the later stages of the iPhone. Also, another observation that merits mentioning at this point is the fact that early adopters appeared to be not only influenced by the economical arrangement that the product offered but also by the services to which the iPhone required access.

The T-Mobile G1 is yet another device that serves an as an example of the experiences of early adopters and the implementation of measures that served as communication strategies in the long run. It is apparent that the product in itself is complete but lacks certain elements when considered in retrospect to later products and it is for the same reason that it requires a significant degree of upgrades and the like. However, inaccessibility and rigidity of offer limitation appears to be influencing early adopters directly and it is for the same reason that this example can be used as n case with regard to the communication strategy adopted by a company towards early adopters.

It is apparent from the discussion on Windows Vista that there are a large number of factors with regard to early adopters that come into play when a product is launched. Also, it is observable that each of these products discussed above was extra-sensitive to pricing, promotion, availability and product related attributes at the time of its promotion. Another equally important observation in this regard is the fact that the reaction of early adopters to new products has a tremendous degree of influence on the product’s success in the long run.

The case of the Airbus A380 brings to light the fact that the reliance of the success of a product does not merely rely on the reputation that the product develops with early adopters but also on the reputation that it initially builds with the early adopters. Also, just as imperative is the observation which dictates that the degree of consideration that purchasing parties are willing to give to a product in order to become early adopters is influenced significantly by the magnitude of the financial and non-financial attributes of the product.

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