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There are numerous deductions that can be made about the English drama.  In other words, the reasons for using evil in dramas as well as the common trend of many key roles in the literatures says/implies a lot about English drama. These implications are expressively highlighted below.On a primary level, the shifting of dramas from morally-oriented work to others that glorify social ills like crime, deduces that, English drama constantly evolves with the changing values of the society. This is, essentially, the reason why the first literatures tended to be centered on moral roles due to the high moral uprightness at that time. But as time changed, so did their drama and their literature. In fact, this is the reason why current forms of drama tend to explain or depict current happenings. For example, the huge technological advancements in the English culture are hugely represented in their current dramas using advanced technological aspects in their dramas.

This is in similar fashion to the use of classical artifacts and literary methods that were common in the classical days.To further drive the point home, dramas like Othello, Macbeth or even Paradise lost mainly addressed happenings at that time like social injustices, power-struggles, religious beliefs (like in the strength of the supernatural) and political happenings among many others. But as time changed, drama writers also changed their writings to accommodate the immediate need of that time. As a noteworthy point, there are some English dramas which, in spite of being written a long time ago, are still relevant to the current age. Examples here include Shakespearean plays which are still reverently regarded and used by the modern generations.

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