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As for as the objectives of this brand transition is concerned, it is very clear that Manchester  products wants to take full advantage of the brand equity of PLFD and extend its benefits to the wide range of its product categories like office furniture market. It also wants to keep and improve its access to the key channels of distribution. Now, the writer discusses the options provided by senior management of the Manchester products one by one.

First option

Gary Burnett gave suggestion to shift the brand immediately, from PLFD to Manchester in order to give the message to the competitors that there is no confusion about the branding policies their company.  He also said that they should show their strong commitment to the Manchester Products brand.

Analysis and evaluation

It is not appropriate to convert the famous brand of PLFD to the current brand of Manchester immediately. There are various reasons which make it inappropriate to convert the brand instantly. Firstly, Manchester has paid the cost to buy PLFD’s brand and company should take full advantage of it. It is the golden opportunity for the Manchester Home to leverage the equity of PLFD’s brand and raise the worth of its own brand. If it immediately shifts the brand, there is no use of buying that expensive and famous brand. It will also make the distributors frustrated and they may not agree to store the products of Manchester Home. The customer will also get confused and uncertain about the success of this new brand. They may show apprehensions about the quality and style of the products, because it is not possible to shift the loyalty of previous customer to this new name. As PLFD’s brand has more prestige and power, consumer will perceive that brand worth of PLFD has been deteriorated. They simply do not know this new brand. It will provide an opportunity to the competitors that they can get away the customer by offering different promotions and incentives. They even can spread some rumors like this is a new company in this market and do not the market dynamics and its products are overpriced etc. if this option is analyzed from psychological point of view, it is very difficult for the people to change to the new situation immediately. It takes time for the people and cultures to change. Same is the case with brand. As mentioned earlier, brand is the perception in the mind of the customer and if this perception is distorted by some sudden change in name, it will not be possible to keep that level of loyalty and awareness to the new brand. Manchester Home did not buy the facilities, it bought the brand. Facilities can be built rapidly but not the brand. PLFD brand is an assets and it is not good to dispose of this assets without any solid reason. As for the reply to the competition is concerned, this action will strength their hands rather than weakening them.

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