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The customer activity cycle is basically a phenomenon which allows organizations to understand their problems in such a way that these organizations can easily respond them through improved bundle of goods and services (Vollman 1996). There are different phases that are directly associated with a customer activity cycle and these activities includes three broad phases which are known as the pre-purchase, purchase and the post purchase. If organizations properly focus on these elements and solve the true problems of the customers that are associated with the product then they can achieve growth in both the short and the long run.

This concept is very important for different organizations because in this way they can easily target their customers and fulfil the needs of their customers (Buttle 2008). Therefore, it can be said that CAC is very important for nearly all the organizations and especially for customer driven organization. McDonalds also stresses a lot on customer activity cycle for example they have identified the fact that the needs of the customers are changing in India that is the reason why they have to change their approach. India is country which is comprised of individuals who belong from diverse backgrounds and that all of them love the local Indian food that is offered to them. If an international fast food chain is willing to enter India then they must enter this country with a localized approach and that is what the customer wants.

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