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In order to prove their claim, spending the same amount of funding for other things have more effects than for arts is proved though it is not conducted. Thirdly, the evaluation of art is inappropriate. In other words, the arts aim to cultural development but evaluating by creating jobs and economic development is wrong for its purpose.

In addition, the most important thing to evaluate arts is that the arts should be judged in the perspective of reform and improvement of quality of people’s life rather than the perspective of revenue growth or creating employment. For these reasons, she insists that the purpose of new method to determine types of value in other different cultural areas can be classified with following four types as ‘new artistic creation’, ‘tradition and creation of advanced culture’, ‘preservation and transfer of cultural heritage’ and ‘broad-based participation for everybody and development’. She advocated that the standard of arts should be treated connecting to the values such as its intrinsic value, excellence, public education etc. rather than to measure its standard as economic quantities.

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