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Their son however has chosen a path which will undoubtedly cast him as unclean in his family’s eyes. This is despite the fact that his mother has instilled a fear against being unclean within him throughout his child which persists to his teenage years (Ho and Kuehn p. 180-183).

Another commentary given in the companion to Australian literature speaks about how Hsu-Ming Teo work is an exploration of displacement among Asian communities and how distant they feel from their homeland even though they have no direct link there. It explains that her second novel behind the moon is an exploration of the differences and similarities between various groups with ethnic, sexual, generational and cultural differences. It talks about how the narrative of the three friends mentioned in the book Gibo, Justin and Tien encompasses the ethnic diversity that exists in Australian society today and how their differences serve to bring them closer together (Birns and McNeer p. 115-116).

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