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Terrorism, especially suicide bombing is considered an act of cowardice. According to Aristotle cowardice is the fear of things like darkness and spiders and small spaces whereas, bravery is having a few great fears such as the fear of death and still being able to face them. (Mill, Kant, Plato, and Aristotle) In this context a suicide bomber can be deemed a brave person because he is able to successfully deal with the fear of death.

All three philosophers argue different theories and all three philosophers have contradictory points within their theories. Each theory contradicts itself when applied to terrorism so we cannot assess terrorism on the basis of these ideas. Through these ideas terrorism can be both a good thing and a bad.

Question 3 –

Warren argues that although a fetus is human, it is not a person. She says that only ‘persons’ have the right to life. She attributes 5 characteristics to humans that are ‘persons’: consciousness and the capacity to feel pain, open-ended reasoning ability, self-motivated activity, the capacity to communicate in an open-ended way, and self-awareness. She says that having only one of the above characteristics is not enough to qualify a human as a person. She says that a fetus does not become a person in the later months of the pregnancy though the fetus is considered a potential person. Warren believes that the rights of an actual human person, the mother, trump the rights of the potential human person, the fetus. (Warren, 1989)

Jane English justifies abortion through the self defense model. (cited in Gaskill, 2005) She says that if the fetus proposes a threat to the mother such as complications in a pregnancy it is justifiable to go forth with an abortion. Don Marquis feels that:

“The future of a standard fetus includes a set of experiences, projects, activities, and such which are identical with the futures of adult human beings and are identical with the futures of young children…it follows that abortion is prima facie seriously wrong.” (cited in Gaskill, 2005)

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