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Ethical norms are quite ubiquitous and somebody may regard them to be simple commonsense. If they were more than commonsense, then why disputes and issues related to ethics do arise. One explanation is that people are aware of these ethical norms but the interpretation, application, and balancing of these norms is different because of the individual’s own experiences and values (Resnik, 2010). There are a number of things that bring about difficulty in making ethical decisions. The difficulty is brought about by the personal values being imposed on the ethical decisions.

For example, confidentiality and privacy is paramount when conducting a research; violation of the participant’s confidentiality and privacy are risks associated with the participation in research that involves human participants. All the research records are kept in a secure place and maintained by the investigators. The investigators explain to the participants the risks that are associated with confidentiality and privacy and they disclose to the participants the confines of confidentiality that are expected. “Regardless of the degree to which the confidentiality will be maintained, investigators must disclose to participants any limits of confidentiality that can be expected” (American Counseling Association, 2005).

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