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The ethical implications on the product when it is launched in the market are huge because of the fact that general consumers would consume them that is the reason why it is the responsibility of organizations that own brands to market the products ethically.

In the similar manner ethical products should be marketed and organizations would benefit in both the short and the long run through this approach (Murphy & Laczniak, 2004). When a product is launched in the market it has several ethical implications like it should not deceive the customers in terms of quality, quantity, etc. In the similar manner the promises that are made to the customers should be fulfilled as it would increase the brand loyalty of the customers. McDonalds are considered as one of the leaders of the fast food chain industry and that is the reason why they are operating in more than 50 counties. However, several issues are associated with McDonalds that the foods they provide are not healthy. Furthermore, certain strategists and analysts believe that the marketing strategy of this company is also not appropriate because their core target market is kids.

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