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Public sector is referred to the part of the government whose task is to provide the resources such as goods and services in order to help common people of the state. There is a set of ethics which have been set due to the different issues that are observed in a society. Ethics are the subsets including the standards of psychological behaviors. Ethics helps us in determining the decision-making and its application on individual, organizations and society as a whole. Ethics directs us to the best knowledge of how to conduct procedures in the public sector. In this paper we shall discuss the concepts of ethics in the form of a framework that can be beneficial the public sector.

The framework of ethics for public sector can be created by the conceptual theories of ethics. There are many concepts of ethics including consequentialism, philosophical relativism, utilitarianism, moral absolutism and ethical realism etc. By understanding these concepts, one can easily comprehend the need of ethics in the public sector (Simmons, 2002).

It will be best for the public sector to create a framework that would be able to create a balance during non-moral consequences. The first step of the framework must be based upon the concept of consequentialsim.  The concept of consequentialism states that an individual’s action would exert positive or negative effects on the circumstances. Therefore the person must perform justice and fair. In this way the person would get benefits the same way or the other.  For example if an individual would bump into a car whose driver is not around then he would try to run away. Following the same manner more and more people would run away and nobody will be able to find the solution to the problem. Therefore the guilty person must leave a note to compensate.

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