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Discuss a specific ethical dilemma in relation to the selected code of ethics in which you either anticipate difficulty, or have experienced difficulty, in ethical practice due to a conflict or discordance between ethical practice and your personal values.

Confidentiality is a binding prerequisite for any professional counsellor worldwide. You are faced by many dilemmas everyday as you counsel a client as you might not agree with their beliefs in principle but as a professional you have to look beyond these and serve them as stipulated in your job description. Sexual orientation is a major issue that can affect one especially on the basis of religious beliefs attitudes and ego and take pre caution to avoid impacting values that are not ,according to the counselling goals.

Counsellors give due respect to their trainees, clients and research participants. Sexual intimacy or romantic interaction with current clients, their partners or close relatives in the work area is not allowed. When a professional interacts with his or her clients, relatives intimately he or she is stopped from working for a period of five years since the last time he or she performed the task .the whole action is normally in a written form and checked if the client might be harmed by the counsellor. Henceforth the counsellor evades any situations or relationship that may lead to such kind of interaction or relationship.

Counsellors are familiar with the challenges’ that come accompanied by receiving gifts from clients and as in some beliefs and culture small gifts are assumed to be a token of respect so when a counsellors is receiving the gift he or she first evaluates the relationship between the clients motive and what might follow up. since it the gift may require certain services which are prohibited according to the Acts of ethical  conduct.

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