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An issue of great ethical concern is raised when a law enforcement agency finds no way of catching the perpetrators of a one crime unless it is by the cooperation of those who have committed another crime. In this case the law enforcement agencies take into consideration whether Crime (A) is serious enough to warrant granting amnesty to the perpetrators of Crime (B).

An important ethical issue is whether a person suffering from a mental disorder is culpable for the crimes they commit. In this case, usually it is left to mental health professionals to determine whether the level of mental illness in the criminal was to the extent that they were not in control of themselves when they committed the crime. People who are insane have no control over their actions and thus should not be persecuted for any crimes they commit.

In the primitive times people’s primary loyalty would lie with their tribe, it was common to view outsiders to the tribe as animals. Nowadays such narrow minded beliefs have gone out of fashion. In today’s world intellectually minded people confess broad ranging loyalties for example, loyalty to the human race or loyalty to all living creatures. This sort of broad ranging loyalty allows us to reject social evils such as racism and nepotism and allows the creation of laws protecting the environment and endangered species.

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