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Abstract: overpopulation remains to be the worst problem which the environment and the world have to face. It has increased and is increasing at a great percentage.

There exist many types of environments; there is the physical environment which is often referred to as nature, the psychological environment which is seen to be built of the interactions which take place between individuals and the political environment which consists of manipulation and pretentiousness. There are certainly the obvious effects which we are aware of and which humans have on the environment. There are however some effects which are not so obvious and which may not be as evident. These are generally the political and psychological effects. Due to this, overpopulation is considered to be the most important and serious issue the world and environment has to face today.

It was once stated that humans have a lot of space for them. The horizon is not as close to our elbows (Henry David Thoreau). But is this statement actually true? It has been estimated that the number of people on earth are more than 8.6 billion (United States Census Bureau). It has been estimated that the population of the world has increased by almost 46.2 percent between 1960-1980 (United Nations). These results in the population growing at a 7 percent each year while keeping into consideration the…

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