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Employees were motivated in the organization and they were allowed to take decisions and the organization was shifting from a normal organization to an entrepreneurial organization were employees were not restricted to raise their voices. This strategy of entrepreneurial organization was initiated by Jack Welch and he empowered the individuals in the organization by eliminating boundaries and developing a proper culture for the organization.

The core idea of GE was to become the world’s most competitive enterprise in terms of operations and in order to fulfill this mission they were involving everyone in the organization and a scenario initiated in the organization that everyone in the organization should know everything so that the organization is able to make the right decisions. This redesigning of processes and procedures were helping the organization and they were in total control to engage in different corporate ventures. The reengineering was helping the organization in both the short and the long term and a culture was initiated in the organization in which employees believed that this organization is owned by them.

This design of work benefitted the organization and it motivated the workforce and the people of the organization to work effectively and efficiently. These changes were quite successful for the organization and employees adopted these change oriented process and they devoted themselves for the betterment of the organization. A change management program CAP was implemented by the charismatic leader Jack Welch and this program was developed to help drive the change throughout the organization (Gorowitz, 1999). This program was meant for the workers of the organization and the program started with the senior mangers but after a certain period of time certain other managers were provided with the tools and training to initiate change in the organization. The entire workforce was motivated with this change and they believed that they have to change conventional process in order to prosper. The design of work was rearranged in such a way that everyone in the organization was allowed to brainstorm and think and for the betterment of the organization and they were divided into groups in which they were paid according to their performance. These changes were managed quite successfully internally and the organization conveyed their change oriented approach to all of its stakeholders and all of them were allowed to implement change management process in their working procedures. This approach benefitted GE and changing the normal procedures and redesigning operations helped the organization. This methodology of General Electric was becoming a benchmark for other organizations and other organization were slowly and gradually complying with the processes of GE and emphasis was laid on the phenomenon that an organization was changed to a business venture in which employees were able to take decision and they believe that they are entrepreneurs of this organization.

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