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The policy of having energy efficient infrastructure along with the more usage of renewable source s of energy would go a long way in safeguarding the interests of the environmentalists. If one was to look at the above proposals in greater detail what would come across would be the fact that the Obama administration has shown true commitment to the environmental causes by having a clearly defined environmental policy.

In this regard, there are several areas which have been covered especially the biggest concern being that of the Kyoto protocol and America’s commitment to ensuring that the global climate change process does show true effect.

The queries of the rest of the Protocol committee have been handled quite aptly by Obama who from the day one has ensured that environmental policy would remain an important part and parcel of his political policies. Added to that is the fact that Al Gore, one of the true environmental leaders that the US has seen, has been a prominent figure in the Obama entourage highlighting the interest that the current regime truly has in the environmental concerns and policies.

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