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To do everyday activities such as driving, listening to music, preparing a meal and unwinding in a warm bath require the use of energy. Energy is like a ‘water well’. People keep on taking water out of the well to fulfill their needs without thinking about the ‘wellness’ of the ‘well’. If people continuously keep on taking water without proper precautions the well will either dry up or become contaminated.

Therefore, people should invest in energy efficient equipment and strategies which will help conserve energy. Unfortunately, there is a paradox in sources to minimize energy use since the sources of minimizing sometimes end up using more energy than its goal of preventing energy use. Henceforth, energy efficiency should be sought out but with regards minimizing energy and not only making it efficient and easier to consume. According to statistics the consumption of fuels is the main source of energy consumption; henceforth a proper sustainability plan for efficient fuel use for cars has to be developed.

“Energy is essential for social development and economic growth. It provides basic services, such as heating, cooling, cooking, lighting, and transportation, and is a critical production factor in virtually all sectors of industry.” (Unander, 2005, p. 377) In order to do anything we need energy, it’s what moms always tell their kids and its embedded in the laws of physics.

But the production and use of energy cause environmental degradation at all levels – local, regional and global. Combustion of fossil fuels and fuel wood leads to indoor and outdoor air pollution by particulates and oxides of sulphur and nitrogen; hydropower can cause environmental damage due to the submergence of large areas of land; and climate change caused by the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has become a worldwide concern. Depletion of natural resources, accumulation of wastes, deforestation, water pollution and land disturbance are further examples of energy related environmental issues. (Unander, 2005, p. 377)

If people continue to use energy excessively and unnecessarily the environment will be affected greatly and the future generations will suffer.

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