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Therefore, empowering the employees and involvement of the employees is quite crucial for an organisation in both the short and the long run. In order to obtain the standards an organisation must develop an atmosphere is which all the employees are empowered and they are ready to take their own decisions. The importance of employee empowerment and the involvement is great that is the reason why certain organisation invests hefty amounts of dollars in training and development.

The purpose of these trainings and development is that the employees are motivated and involved in the entire process so that an organisation can easily stress on the quality and work on the standards that have to be implemented. However, strategists and analysts believe that the aftermaths of not empowering the employees are wide and varied and process cannot be appropriately implemented if employees are not empowered or involved in the entire process (Ketchum and Trist 1992). However, certain strategists and decision makers claim that involvement is much more important when it comes to implementing ISO 9001:2000 because when employees of a certain organisation are not implement in a particular scenario then process cannot be implemented and if they are implemented then they cannot work well in the long run (Fetterman 2000).

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