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One of the most important factors in the promotion of self-reliance in the disabled is the presence of job opportunities. Many countries enjoin corporations to maintain an employment quota for disabled people, China adopted an employment quota scheme in 1990 (Huang, Guo and Bricout). Another way adopted was the encouragement of self-employment of disabled people by exempting them from various fees, this was particularly successful:

“In many ways, self-employment turned out to be the most successful avenue for disability employment in China. By the end of 2005, nearly 2 million people with disabilities were self-employed, more than the combined capacity of the quota system and welfare enterprises.” (Huang, Guo and Bricout)

The fact that the self-employment scheme worked better than the quota system and the welfare system shows the need for innovative methods of encouraging employment in the disabled.

Social Inclusion

In the past it was customary to treat the disabled like the proverbial ‘lepers’ with separate housing and educational facilities. Carol Poore has written on some truly shocking stories of social marginalization of the disabled, including a case where people’s prejudice was upheld by the courts:

“In the most recent scandalous judicial decision, a Frankfurt court ruled that a woman who had booked a vacation trip to Greece was entitled to receive monetary damages from her travel agency because a number of people with disabilities were staying at her hotel – in other words, that the sight of people with disabilities was so unpleasant that the travel agency could not be said to have fulfilled its promise of providing her with an enjoyable, relaxing vacation.” (Poore)

Special education in Britain developed “as a distinct service reaching a tiny fraction – fewer than 2 percent – of British schoolchildren” (Kirp). It has now been realized that the proper way towards social inclusion of the disabled is through enabling them to live, study and work amongst the regular population. In order to take away the various stigmata associated with the disabled in people’s minds it is necessary to work with children. For this purpose, instead of having disabled-specific ‘Special Children’s Schools’, facilities for disabled children are now increasingly being integrated with those for non….

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