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The concept of telehealthcare and telemedicine has emerged from the practices where people prevent from physically going out for work by telecommuting to the workplace from home computers. Telemedicine used the technology for cure and treatment purposes. It says that if medicine is amalgamated with technology and this amalgam is amalgamated with telecommunication then it makes up the telemedicine.

Telemedicine uses latest technological advancement for example video conferencing, robot technology, etc. to feel every facility as close as the nearest computer monitor. Store and forward technology transfers digital images from one site to another. Digital pictures of the subject under observation is captured and then forwarded to intended site. This procedure can be used very effectively for serving the most critical problems and defines the store and forward technology. The other technology using telemedicine is two-way and is called interactive television also known as IATV. This is used when health provider and patient and telemedicine coordinator assemble at one site. Specialists are on another location suggesting treatment for the patient (Gibson, 2009).

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