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This amount is then applied against medical costs. According to a study, “People who live in Japan are required to join either the Employer’s Health Insurance Plan at their place of employment or the National Health Insurance Plan provided by their local government.” (McKinley, Parmer, Saint-Amand, & Darbin 2006) Once Japanese join the national health insurance plan, each household is issued one health insurance certificate that provides proof of membership in the insurance plan.

This health insurance certificate is used whenever someone receives medical care from a doctor. To be covered with health insurance is crucial because, sooner or later, all people will be faced with needs for medical services. Unfortunately, millions of Americans do not have that “privilege” that is accessible mostly to wealthy members of the society. (Davis, 2001) Until people find better and permanent solutions to provide health care for the all uninsured Americans, they will have to endure the rising costs and problems of the system. They will also have to witness terrible events such as the one that happened in Atlanta, Georgia. It just seems ironic how the United States can spend the most money on health care and having the best technology and research in the industry and yet there is still 14.6% (Bodenheimer, 2006) of the nation’s population that lack coverage and access to that health care. If the current government of President Obama succeeds in providing American people an inexpensive health care, s sudden boost in the economic condition of US can also be expected. Because the working class comprises most of the uninsured group of people, the economy is also affected because the productivity of the workforce directly depends on their overall health. Most importantly, providing all Americans with health insurance would save countless lives and that should be the ultimate goal of American society.

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