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ISO 900:2000 is a standard that is based on the quality of an organisation and generalised standards are used in it. Therefore, it can be said that employee’s participation is quite necessary that is the reason why organisations who are trying to implement these standards are trying their level best to motivate the employees and strategies are developed by the organisations to develop a participated approach in which employees can easily participate in the implementation process of the ISO 9001:2000.

In the similar manner employees of the organisations must be motivated in such a way that these standards would be beneficial for them in both the short and the long run. Similarly, their performance can be enhanced by implementing these standards. Furthermore, employees must know all the aspects of these standards and appropriate knowledge must be conveyed to them (Silverstein 2007). Involvement of the employees is quite necessary because when employees are involved in a certain activity then it actually depicts that they are motivated and willing to do a particular task. They should be assured that they are the part of this process and the entire process can only be successful when the employees are motivated and they possess a participated approach in the process.

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