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Different cultures view employee-employer relationships in different ways and there are no specific rules regarding discrimination related to age, gender, race and sexual orientation. Even if rules are present they are not enforced appropriately. In many countries companies are prohibited from cutting down staff over a specific limit such as in India.

The business practices in different parts of the world are also affected by differing traditional and cultural norms as some business practices which are acceptable in one part of the world may be inacceptable in other parts. In today’s competitive world companies try to sell products in the international market by making the product more relevant and appealing to a country with respect to local culture and norms. An example of pharmaceutical industry is quoted to explain how companies enhance their brand image by providing free life saving drugs to the needy and underprivileged. Another example is presented of tobacco companies providing ethical issues related to marketing of tobacco products to younger audiences which is prohibited in United States of America but allowed in several other parts of the world. Strengths of corporate and social responsibility in Asian countries have been highlighted as compared to western countries as it is given much more importance in Asian regions.

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