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These concepts include the continued development of the human brain, and the prospects of responsive periods playing role in the simplification of certain types of learning. These sensitive intervals extend as a minimum into the adolescent years, and possibly more. Neuroscience can also propose precise insights into a number of aspects of skills growth, and is commencing to recommend new avenues of investigation in the development of some skills discrepancies. Neuroscience has confirmed earlier psychosomatic theories about the consequence of emotional influences in learning (Goswami, 2004). The students who received enriched educational environments are found to have greater synaptic density in their brains. It is highly prescribed from this fact that young children should be taught in a suitable environment in order to augment their learning prospective.

Effective teaching methods should focus on both segments and whole structures because the brain physically associates confined neural activity to circuits that are connected to diverse experimental areas. For instance, in initial mathematics teaching, teaching addition of numbers independently of mathematical operation and their meaningful daily life use is expected to be less successful than teaching both simultaneously. Opinions for teaching simple skills in segregation presume that scholars can only originally grip simple data and the complex ways should proceed slowly and progressively. But brain research has shown that higher order brain process the complex and abstract information simultaneously with lower order simple information.

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