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People are acquiring new and modernized ways to earn money and one of the most common ways of earning money is to find a job in a foreign country. Organizations on the other hand are getting bigger and stronger day by day and they are adopting new and modernized ways of enhancing their business. That is the reason why they are hiring people on low wages from other countries. These individuals work in foreign countries and take hefty amount of money in their own countries by giving their services to these organizations.

Organizations and the employees in most of the scenarios benefits from this approach in the short run but strategists and analysts suggests that these policies are disrupting for these organizations in the long run. Therefore, there are certain countries that actually have stopped the entrance of foreign individuals and they are not allowed to do jobs in these countries.

UAE is considered as the hub of employment in the Middle East and individuals from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, etc are entering this part of the world for the purpose of earning money. All these countries have a high unemployment ratio that is the reason why they have opted for Middle East and targeted this country (Jeffreys, 2007).  The locals that are living in Middle East are facing hefty amount of problems because of this and they are not getting equal job opportunities just because of the fact that people are from other countries are taking their positions.

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