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The problem statement that was discussed in this research paper was that which communication strategy would be used to make the brand appealing to the early adopters when the product is launched in the mass market. Therefore, through thorough analysis it is evaluated that a proper communication strategy is used in this scenario and the elements of communication strategy that are useful in this scenario are discussed below:

  • In the initial phase an organization must identify its audience and through research and analysis they must define that what are their target market. Since our target market is the mass market and no proper focus is laid on any market. However, it is the objective of the organization that it must target the early adopters. Therefore, the demographics, psychographics and other necessary information of this market must be gathered.
  • The next phase is to identify the tools of communication that should be used by the organization. In this scenario emphasis is laid on early adopters and marketing is for the mass market too. Therefore, tools like internet, transit advertising, television commercials etc and new modernized ways of advertising should be used. This is because of the fact that early adopters are more influenced by new modes of advertising and through this strategy both the mass market and early adopters should benefit in both the short and the long run.
  • The next phase is to actually develop key messages for the targeted audience. Since the organization is targeting the mass market therefore generalized messages can be used by the organization. However, the ultimate goal of the brand is to appeal the early adopters too. That is the reason why specific key messages should be framed by the organization. The messages should be creative, crisp and catchy so that the early adopters would easily identify that’s it’s a fresh brand that is directly focusing their need. An element of change must be used in the entire communication strategy. The key message for such a brand might be “ABC brand is just for you because it has ……..” This key message can be elaborated according to the attributes of the product and a proper you approach must be followed in the key message. In the similar manner key messages should be used in the communication mediums before starting of advertisement. However, for early adopters organization can simply focus on the differentiating element of the brand and then market it. Early adopters are attracted by the differentiation in a brand that is the reason why a brand should focus on the sustainable differentiation element. The early adopters would feel that they can acquire a brand which is different from other brands and no one else have this brand. In the similar manner, both penetration and skimming strategies can be adopted by an organization. The penetration strategy should be used to penetrate in the market and target the mass market. However, the skimming strategy should be used to skim the market and target the early adopters. The early adopters can easily adopt an expensive product because they would feel that other individuals cannot afford this product that is the reason why it can be a differentiating factor in them and other individuals of the mass market.

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