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Electric gadgets also known as a gizmo is a word that not only entices men but is equally important to women as well. As both genders are very particular about the use of technological devices to make their lives much easier and happier. Besides this, fashion-conscious and trend-setting people are in desperate need to buy and use the latest gadget or gizmo to impress others. This essay is focused on the best electronic gadgets of 2010.

We all know that an electric gadget is thought of as a technology novelty, a small technological object, a device, or an appliance that is designed for a particular function. Gadgets are considered to be more curiously, skillfully, and smartly designed by smart people for the use of smart people.  They developed more than normal technological objects at the time of their invention. Gadgets are sometimes also referred to as gizmos. (Stephen M.P.)

There are innumerable electronic gadgets available in the market these days and all of these have their loyal groups of supporters, followers, and cliques. Common forms of gadgets that are acclaimed by these supporters include Gaming consoles, watches, smartphones, HDTV, etc. They are found to be the most favored ones, not only among teens but adults too. A few of the best electronic gadgets are described and reviewed as follows:

Best Electronic Gadgets

Boxee Box from D-Link

With Boxee box, consumers can enjoy the freedom of watching what they want and whenever they want without any hassle of using a keyboard or a mouse, and without connecting to the computer, one can watch his/her favorite shows online, for free. With a resolution as high as 1080p, one can watch Internet TV without having to pay any monthly fees.

Moreover, one can not only watch shows, movies, and sports from a home network but can also enjoy watching what his/her friends on the social networking portals like Twitter and Facebook are watching and can share his/her favorites as well. Boxee Box has been one of the best gadgets of 2010.

Parrot AR Drone

First-of-its-kind quadrocopter, AR drone can be directed by Apple iPhone or iPad or it can be controlled with a joystick and Linux PC. Using a Wi-Fi network, one can play multiple players’ games with this gadget.

AR drone is provided with a hull shield which protects against the damages during battle, while gaming. Moreover, with lodged cameras, it gives its customer the freedom to enjoy live streaming on their iPhones through the Wi-Fi network. Parrot AR drone’s features make it one of the best gadgets in gaming.

Que by Plastic Logic

Que by plastic logic is an eBook reader and a tablet PC. Its core feature is the customization which serves as a convenience to customize content like magazines, newspapers, periodicals, and access que store at any time. Now a person can not only take a look at appointments from Outlook but can also import files from BlackBerry or MAC computers.

Other salient features of que include:

  • Que is compatible with formats such as PDF, epub, and Microsoft Office applications.
  • The standard queue model with 4 GB memory can hold approximately 35,000 documents and with the advanced 8 GB model. Now one can save up to 75,000 documents with its Que.
  • Touch screen interface brings reports and Excel sheets to your fingertips. With the virtual keyboard, one can make notes and edit text.
  • AT&T and 3G network give its customers access to the content online, wherein they can purchase books from e-stores and download the content important to them. (Mark P.L.)

Light Touch from Light Blue Optics

Light Touch by light blue optics is an amazing laser projector, which coverts any flat surface into a WVGA resolution touch screen. It uses holographic laser projection technology and a Pico projection engine. It is equipped with an infrared touch sensor and can adjust the image and focus as required on a flat surface turned screen.

Light Touch is compatible with Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 and comes with a 32 GB micro SD slot. The battery capacity has an approximate run time of 2 hours. Light touch can utilize a Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth. With this gadget projection comes in high definition and in a convenient way. (Lawrence H.)

Zyxio Sensawaft

Zyxio Sensawaft has breath based computer controller, equipped with a sensor that utilizes the strength and direction of a person’s breathing for commanding the cursor of a computer.

Sensawaft technology has found applications in hands-free mobiles, manufacturing aids for the disabled, and video gaming. Zyxio sensawaft breath-controlled cursor is one of the best gadgets under $100, with applications in various areas especially for disabled people.

There are a few more sleek gadgets, in addition to the above, which are as follows.
  • Cell TV by Toshiba
  • IdeaPad by Lenovo
  • Optimus Tactus Keyboard
  • iPhone 4G, by KT
  • Tablet, by Apple

This was about the best gadgets of 2010. There are many more best gadgets of 2011 like the AviiQ laptop stand, twin video camcorder, PeeWee 2.0 netbooks, and PlayStation wheel controller with advanced features and state-of-the-art technology that are expected to entice us in the next years to come.

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