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The results of the survey were in sync with the earlier depictions of how physical appearance can play a great role in using body language effectively. Whether it’s a celebrity or high school teenager, physical appearance plays a huge rule in a person’s life. Many people still believe as long as the product or the idea’s inside one’s brain are good the thing or person is good to go.

Unfortunately, in today’s day and age there is excessive competition and the way you package your product, price it, and place it on the shelf plays a huge rule in the success of your company. In the same way, no matter how talented you are as an actor, to be at the peak of ‘celeb-dom’ or to be viewed as the punk rock artist who simply doesn’t care,  physical appearance can do a lot for your brand image and what your are trying to convey to the whole world. Words cannot always be enough to express what a person is really feeling. Sometimes people say certain things just to play along or to be polite. Sometimes people say or do certain things because of pressure. To really know what a person is feeling on the inside or how they really think and opine about the matter at hand body language is the best indicator. If a person can learn to send the right signals through body language after carefully analyzing that their audience will be able to decode it successfully, it can work wonders.

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