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An article from cites that there various substances in food that can cause the effects of opioids or narcotics. Milk and wheat proteins can act as external endorphins within the body. Chocolate contains caffeine and Phenyethylamine; both are drugs which stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain causing arousal. Caffeine is the main component of the beverages such as tea and coffee which has its own addictive properties (Nutramed).

Treatment for Food addiction has been found to be quite successful. Research has shown that around 80% of compulsive eater can recover given the proper treatment (Psychology Today). There are several treatment options available. Cognitive therapy is the most popular which teaches people to keep track of their eating habits and learn to control difficult situations in everyday life and approach them from a different perspective. Interpersonal Psychotherapy is also used. People look at various interpersonal relationships in their lives and deal with any trauma they may have experienced that may cause them to behave this way. Drug therapy with the use of anti-depressants is also quite effective.

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