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There are many other research studies that prove the effective use of martial arts as the positive behavior system. A study was published in 2001 in the psychology journal that shows the increasingly positive changes in the behavior of the children who took martial arts classes for just 90 minutes a week (C. Price, 2008).

A recent study published in the Journal of applied developmental psychology showed that the children who participated in the training sessions of the martial arts obtained better grades in the school and their school performances were better than previously. This study stated that martial arts have positive impact of the children as the training focuses on the self-confidence, focus and that the confidence serves as an escape for the child from mental delusions (Holder, 2009).

Several other articles have been published that stress on the importance of the martial arts. Martial arts play an important role as a positive behavior support system. The benefits are “mental” benefits and “icing” on the more general benefits of regular physical exercises, which helps children burn off the sugars they eat, resulting in improved mood, health and oxygenated brain (Twemlow & Sacco, 1998). Research is now being also done about the impact of martial arts practice on treating and reducing adolescent violence.

Another research by Andrew Yiannakis and Greg Kane stated that the martial arts have impact on mood of children and children can be treated better through the training in martial arts. As martial arts requires concentration and observation. This keeps the mind of the children who are practicing martial arts sharp and observant. That is why students practicing martial arts are seen as less aggressive and free from violent behavior. Research reports have been conducted by having children training in martial arts for the time frame of 8 months. This showed the outcome of the impact of martial arts. As the result the children obtained better marks in mathematics, in comparison with the other children who did not practice martial arts (Yiannakis & Kane, 2005).

Surprisingly many online articles are updated for the same purpose because it is scientifically proven that karate is the most commonly used discipline in martial arts and is an effective way to keep the body in shape and healthy. It helps in developing confidence in children and in their achievements during their academic years. In one way it can be regarded as the way for self-defense and in other ways it can be used to keep a person happy and at peace. Children who are already getting training in martial arts are consider better in managing their time and achieve better chances of improving their leadership skills (Binder, 1999).

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