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Patients will undergo significant changes to their digestive tract which will translate into a complete transformation of their psyche due to which their lifestyle, relationships feelings (especially about themselves) and body image will shift quite drastically.

As stated above, the new sense of mobility will automatically make the patient feel more active and the lost weight will create a spiral of motivation and weight loss which will greatly improve the patient’s confidence in himself and makes him proud of his determination and resolution to lose weight. However, it is essential that the patient also has a strong support group which continuously applauds his efforts and appearance.

Risks associated with Surgery

No surgery comes without its set of associated risks- both operative and long-term. Possible risks include ‘internal bleeding during the operation, complications associated with anesthesia and medications, deep vein thrombosis, infection, leaks from the staple line breakdown, marginal ulcers, pulmonary problems, and/ or spleen injury.” (Anderson, 2006).

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