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Although “cross-cultural research has generally indicated that eating disorders are most prevalent in Western and industrialized nations, where thinness is a beauty ideal and food is abundant” (The Effects of Media on East African Women, 2007) it is actually common in the women all over the world.

This article illustrates the effect of media concerning eating disorders on women by conducting a test and collecting other useful information. “A group of 214 young Tanzanian women between 13 and 30 years of age completed Kiswahili versions of a DSM-IV eating disorders symptom clinical interview, the Eating Disorder Inventory (EDI), and a questionnaire on media exposure/ globalization. The women represented 32 tribes from 20 locations throughout Tanzania.” (The Effects of Media on East African Women, 2007) One third of the women had some sort of eating disorder system and “9.8% of the women reported out-of-control binge eating at least once during the last month, and 15% admitted purging by self-induced vomiting at least once during the last month.” (The Effects of Media on East African Women, 2007) Approximately 98% of the women were enjoyed and a lot of the women were also employed. More than half od these women had access to the media in the forms of print magazines, television and VCRs and the internet. “The results of this study support observations from cross-cultural research suggesting that acculturation of Western ideals of thinness may contribute to the development of eating disorders in non-Western cultures.” (The Effects of Media on East African Women, 2007)

This article was intended to either aid institutions that are concerned with eating disorders or specific organizations. The tone and the setting of the article was straightforward and presented the research in a step by step process, henceforth it was not intended for women who suffer from eating disorders. This study was a tool to help find a cause for eating disorders and prove that the western media affects its western counterparts along with the eastern ones. This source is legitimate and peer reviewed so it can be used as a tool to aid the thesis statement of this report.

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