The team leader clearly demonstrated the support for members. He was enthusiastic and energetic during the undertakings of all the activities that the group endeavored and engaged in. Motivating and inspiring the members is an important role that the leaders should aim at while dealing with the group.  In the team context, everybody appreciated the fact that the group leader did not have to be the most knowledgeable and felt obligated to correct the leader in instances when he made mistakes (Denhardt, p. 98). Besides, the team leader was open to criticism and took it positively.

In the spirit of effective team leadership, the leader of the group was ready to be held accountable for all challenges that arose. In circumstances that posed great challenges, the leader bore the responsibility and helped us find the solutions of all the hurdles that we faced. However, the team leader was quick to issue information on the issues that we found to be beyond our control (Rusaw, p.78). This helped the team to remain focused to the course. Besides, in these instances the leader was very flexible and handled the matters as they arose.

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