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Effective advertising and communication strategy can be used by an organization to target the early adopters in both the short and the long run. A change oriented communication strategy must be used by an organization to target early adopters. In order to pursue a proper strategy change must be pushed forward and this would result in an effective outcome where early adopters and innovators would influence and persuade other to come abroad. However, this should be always kept in mind that creating a proper communication strategy must initiate with an idea that who will actually buy the change and which group of customers will help you in both the short and the long run.

As far as advertising to early adopters is concerned then it should be kept in mind that when an organization is marketing a product or service to an early adopter the essential constituents of the product must be conveyed to the target market. In the similar manner a differentiating element must be attached with the brand which would attract the target market towards the products and since the target market will be the early adopters therefore if early adopters are having a certain brand then others would definitely follow it. Early adopters in nearly every market are a small group of individuals and this small group is sometimes known as niche markets. Advertising to these small groups are quite different and it is relatively different from the mass consumers[1]. The advertising focuses a lot on the core attributes and the needs of these markets and through this strategy higher returns are attained in both the short and the long run. In the similar manner organizations can adopt different advertising mediums like mobile advertising and transit advertising to target the early adopters.

There are numerous advantageous of early adopters and their ideology of using new products. One of the most basic advantages is that other customers would follow the footsteps of these early adopters. In the similar manner early adopters can share their experiences with other members of the mass market and the sales of the organization can rise just because of the fact that early adopters are targeted in a positively and other target markets are following the footsteps of these customers. Therefore, it can be clearly said that early adopters are treated as the trendsetters and these trends would either benefit the organization or it would harm the organization in both the short and the long run. In the similar manner one of the most viable advantages of early adopters for an organization is that they can charge a premium price to these early adopters.

[1] M. Belch, G. Belch, Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective, 7th Edn, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, New York, 2006.

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