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The objective of this research is to analyze the effect of performance appraisals on the employees. In the current research theories and practical implications of performance appraisals are utilized in this research paper.

Background Information

Successful organizations focus a lot on their employees and they consider employees as one of their valuable assets. Employees contribute in the overall well being of the organization and numerous organizations stresses a lot on their employees. Employees possess the ability to transform the overall organization and through their proactive approach they can enhance the overall gesture of the organization. Effective strategies must be devised by organization to manage these employees and they must be motivated enough to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently. In certain organizations employees might become lethargic and they might not portray their actual performance because they are not motivated with the working conditions, employer, amount of work, compensation and etc. These factors must be managed by the organization in an effective manner because managing employees of the organization in the utmost task of the manager and all the members of to hierarchy are responsible for managing the employees. In certain scenarios the motivational factors are directly linked with the effectiveness of his/her work (Jones 2008). In certain scenarios employees might be a menace for the organization because their performance is not rewarded properly and they might form labor unions and cartels in the organization which can be a problem for the organization in both the short and the long run. Organizations and the decision makers of the organization can reduce the issues of employees by certain activities like motivating them to work for the betterment of the organization, giving them extrinsic and intrinsic rewards, and etc (Paauwe 2004). Similarly, judging the performance of employees can be a major factor in motivating them. Their performance can easily be enhanced if performance evaluation of employees is unbiased and it is carried out in an effective manner. Performance evaluation of employees plays an important role and that is the reason why organizations stress a lot on performance evaluation. When the performance of employees are being judged then employees change their general methodology of working and an normal circumstances they work hard because their performance is being evaluated.

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