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“At the peak of Jefferson’s educational pyramid were those students advancing to the college level. According to his plan of 1779, one outstanding student from among the grammar school seniors would be chosen for a three-year state scholarship at the College of William and Mary.” (Carpenter)

The aspect of scholarships is largely present today although things have changed a little. Jefferson’s ultimate goal was for citizens to give back. In society today, most students who get huge sums of scholarships are the ones who show the most promise that same way the process took place in the Jeffersonian era. Jefferson wanted a citizen who would give back and in so many ways the concept it still the same today especially when foreign students are considered. In many countries students are given scholarships to go to universities in different countries after signing a contract that say they will put to use whatever they have learnt and bring back new ideas into their own country and help develop it. In the United States when the government gives scholarships and grants it expects an individual to be transformed by his education turning him into a responsible individual who would in some way, either big or small, give back to society. To only thing that is different that now the education level is not adjusted according to a student specific pursuit and socio economic background and that he or she gives back to a capitalistic society of privatized giants and not necessarily directly to the government.

“Whereas citizenship education was the major goal of his faith in an educated public, it was not an exclusive one. Rather, Jefferson saw a need for all students who would attend his schools, regardless of which level, to learn social studies disciplines for their personal and professional benefit. Education for Jefferson was a lifelong endeavor, and to enjoy the benefits required the knowledge and skills provided by learning history, geography, and civics.” (Carpenter) Although Jefferson’s ideas can be analyzed in a million different ways he shed light on how much it was important to learn all the basic subjects and not just specialize in European originated romantic languages. His broader vision was to educate the masses so that they could make sounds decisions relating to the government. By doing this he help democracy be one stop closer to existing in a purer form where the majority could be right because it was educated.(Carpenter)

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