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I have always been driven to exceed expectations.  While I was attending Idaho State University I found that I had an intense desire to own a business.  I was convinced that the best way to provide for my family was to “control” my own destiny.  I purchased a home, fixed it up, and sold it.  I made forty five thousand dollars.

I felt that I could do anything.  I had some friends making “good money” as salesmen so I went out and got a part time job working as a hot tub salesman.  Eventually, I was offered a job as a National Sales Manager at the same company. This endeavor required that I leave school and move to Boise where they were headquartered.  I did some research on the company and made the decision that if I worked hard enough I could own this company.

I made the decision to leave school without completing my degree. My research told me that I would not find a job that would pay this much after I graduated so it was worth the risk. I also believed that if I worked hard enough I could eventually own this company.

I moved to Boise with grand expectations.  I started working and soon found that it was not as easy as my fist transaction in the real world but I persisted. In addition to working full time I enlisted in Officers Graduate School for the Idaho National Guard; I still desired additional learning and it was an opportunity to advance my career in the National Guard which I joined at the age of sixteen.  I graduated with honors. During the same time period I was responsible for increasing sales in the company I was working in from one to three million per year.

Growing sales indicated my future needed to be one of ownership but I found myself lacking skills to help me take over this company. I found a degree completion program offered by George Fox University that worked great with my schedule and provided me with the skills necessary to accomplish my goals.  I applied and was accepted to Boise #1, the first class offered in Boise from George Fox.

The next step was to find the financial means to this end. Growing up in a farm in Idaho, I was always very skilled with my hands.  I had also acquired the work ethic necessary to juggle many things at once.  Therefore, I went out and purchased another house while working and going to school and began refurbishing it in my spare time.  I netted fifty six thousand dollars on this transaction.

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