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Police officers should be provided an education that is catered specifically to them in order to reap all the benefits. In marketing we must continue to innovate to keep a product alive in the market. For police officers, they must continue to receive an education that is up to date with the current on goings of society. Our society today is very complex.

Race, ethnicity, sexual preferences and people with different disabilities have to be kept in mind while policing. If a police officer is stationed in a metropolis that is saturated with a Latino population it is only common sense that he should know a few basic words of Spanish. Hate crimes against Middle Easterners are very common nowadays, especially since the rebirth of terrorism after 9/11. Each police officer should understand what is going on in society and how he or she will solve each of the problems.

One very important aspect of catering to society with justice is by providing policing services to each individual equally. A significant amount of people in any given location are disabled, sometimes this maybe a hearing disability or being trapped in a wheelchair. When it comes to the former, every police officer should know some basic sign language. People with disabilities often need extra attention and they cannot be helped the same way a regular person might be. Every officer should know the basics of sign language to assist and help the people who have impaired hearing. Education is the only thing in the never world that never goes to waste and continuously helps a person move forward.

According to the local news the salary for Abilene police officers increases as their time working at the department increases plus $100 to $160 each month to people with a college education. (2008) Instead of a minimal bonus, promotion should be linked with college education. It is an understood fact that usually in professional jobs the amount of education a person has leads to their level of employment. For example, a person with a PhD can teach an advanced course in his or her area of expertise but a person with a bachelor’s degree cannot. After completing the intern year a med school student becomes a resident but he or she cannot be a cardiologist or a neurologist until several years of specializing in that particular field.

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