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Henceforth, promoting police officers should have a connection with their level of education. New York is one of the few places where this concept is translated into reality. A police officer in New York “cannot be promoted to sergeant until [he has] two years of college; [he] cannot be promoted to lieutenant until [he has] three years; and to be a captain [he needs] the full four years.”(Travis, 1995) The linking of education and promotion makes complete sense because as a person climbs up the ladder he or she obviously needs more skills.

A person is promoted because he or she can be entrusted with a more complex position. Promotion means a person should have the right leadership qualities and show a promise to adapt, learn, and put his/her skills to use. The only way a person can fulfill all his or her duties responsibly and efficiently at a higher level is by getting proper training and a formal education. In any business a person is expected to communicate to other people in his field effectively. College grooms a person to perform these skills effectively. As a police officer is promoted he has to deal with government officials, interact with important individuals and communicate through words and writing. If a police officer at a higher post is unable to write a letter of promotion for a person on the bottom of the hierarchy it can be assumed that he has no business sitting in that position. Each business has a few basic requirements. Aside from inheritance, to be someone else’s boss you must be an employee first and be able to perform all the tasks an employee can. Being able to write a letter and knowing the basics of communicating with people, the importance of building goodwill in a business, staying positive and reaping the benefits is important in every business including the police business. These basic principles should be engrained in every officer’s toolbox of skills and as they move up the promotion ladder, they should evolve to become even better.

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