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The plan is comprehensive as it not analyses the effects on the locals but also looks at the global impact of the USA’s economic activities. The short term solutions are a way of countering the immediate effects that the activities of the US economy have in terms of the environment. This includes the emergency rebate for energy purposes, crackdown on excessive energy speculation, exchange light and heavy crude, and lastly, release oil from the strategic petroleum reserves in order to cut the oil prices.

If these short term effects were to be looked at in detail and what in effect they entail, it would mean relief for millions of middle class Americans as their energy costs would be partially borne by the energy rebate particularly at times of rocketing oil and gas prices. As for the rest, it entails a reversal of all previous environmental policies as it would mean releasing the strategic petroleum reserves as according to the current regime, the current situation is serious for these reserves to be touched upon.

Hence, the current administration is taking the short term measures to a level which has never been touched upon earlier having understood the gravity of the case in terms of the lasting detrimental effects on the local population.

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