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Another argument is that of the economic benefits provided by the tobacco industry. For example, nearly three million people were employed by the industry which also contributed over ninety five billion dollars in salaries and more than sixty four billion dollars in tax income for the government in the year 1994 (Friends of Tobacco). Tobacco companies state that the vast amount of benefits provided by the industry cannot be overlooked or replicated by anyone.

Finally, the tobacco industry has taken many steps to be viewed in a positive light. For example, the Canadian tobacco industry has planned to launch an increased campaign on their “no sales to minors” policy, and also offer some insight into the addictiveness (or lack) of tobacco (Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada).

The arguments against smoking and tobacco usage are obvious and mostly pertain to health reasons. Firstly, tobacco consumption has been proven to increase the likelihood of cancerous ailments, primarily lung cancer. For example, a research carried out by Young, Leather Dale and Sloan has shown that women who had ever smoked in their lives either first hand or second hand (passive smoking) would face a higher likelihood of breast cancer.

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