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We are continuously bombarded with images of ‘perfection’ in the media. These women have perfect hair, perfect makeup, perfect figures, perfect bosoms and perfect butts. These women always have the perfect skin tone: tan in the West and pale in the East. When the same images are reinforced over and over again and popular well known stars are found to be headed to rehabilitation centers because of their eating disorders it sends out mixed messages to women all over the world.

They come out dressed in Vera Wang after their supposed recoveries with perfect highlights and gossamer like gowns with their bones peeking through and the crowds cheer after them more then ever. When the title of being ‘fabulous’ and feeling good about ones self is so skewed in the media it is hard to equate the negative effects with positive messages about self image. This report is also addressed towards all the institutions that are trying to eradicate eating disorders amongst women of all ages and will channel the message of this report to the women who need it and the people in the media who make them feel that way. Sometimes these women do not have the proper support systems, enough revenue to go into a rehabilitation center or have someone who will even confront them or know people who care about their situation. The media affects women of all ages all over the world and skews their perception of self image to a typical size zero, perfect hair, perfect body woman who probably doesn’t exist anywhere in the real world without the help of highly paid professionals; creative ways need to be found to target these women who have no support systems through the help of institutions all over the world.

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