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The easiest way to buy shares of a company without an intermediary stock broker is a Direct Stock Purchase Plan where investors can buy shares directly from the company. Another method of buying shares directly is to open a broker account and buy shares directly from a stock exchange.


The correct option is (e) as investing in foreign securities provides a broader search for investment values and reduces the risk in investment portfolios.


Trading on insider information is illegal a person would be applying unfair means to trade and will have an advantage over other investors and will especially harm the counter investors who are eventually buying or selling from the trader with insider information.


Some of the recent innovations in securities market have hybrid characteristics of various financial instruments and include instruments like covered options securities, mortgage backed securities, capital market preferred stock and debt with equity warrants. Covered options securities are short term debts with an option to repay principal and interest in U.S. dollars or some other foreign currency. Mortgage backed securities are investments in a pool of residential mortgages, capital market preferred stocks are preferred stock which can be converted into common stock and debt with equity warrants are bonds which have warrants attached to them.

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