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In this regard, early adopters of the T-Mobile G1 are left to face yet another obstacle. If the millions of T-Mobile G1 early adopters are to acquire a MyTouch 3G at a discounted price, they have no other option but to wait for the next two years or for at least twenty three months after their actual buying of the T-Mobile G1. The T-Mobile G1 early adopters served to test the T-Mobile G1 and T-Mobile’s decision to restrict them has led to the development of a negative sentiment across its consumers.

The manner in which the case of the T-Mobile G1 differs from others with regard to the subject of the study is the fact that T-Mobile eventually decided to provide its early adopters with upgrades that would enable them to derive more productivity from their purchases and would also allow them to counter issues such as insufficient battery time, software compatibility and the like[1]. It is evident that this is a move on the part of T-Mobile that is meant solely for the early adopters of the T-Mobile G1.

[1] D. Murph, T-Mobile G1 Won’t See Any Android Updates Beyond 1.5 (Update: Maybe It Will),, 2009, Retrieved September 1, 2009, <>.

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