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Information as it is believed is the key to any successes in any given community. The world has invested so much in the field of information. In the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria, there lacks an elaborate communication system between the public and the health departments (PSI).

Home-based management of malaria (HMM), a project aimed at educating the public on executing home based treatment of malaria has hit a snag mainly because the communities lack the information on how to use the drugs. This has resulted into failure to comply with the full course of drug administration and treatment, wrongly administered doses and delayed treatment. Information deficiency is dragging the fight against diseases by causing many deaths to occur unabated (PSI). Contrary, PSI Kenya is showing a lot of improvements in relay of information from health authorities to the public. It organizes numerous communication campaigns at the grass root level educating communities on how to fight malaria (PSI).

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