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Organizations usually stress a lot on their employees and successful organizations are those who actually consider their employees as their assets. These human assets benefit the organization in both short and long runs. Strategists and analysts actually believe that employees have the mental tendency to deal with diverse situations that is the reason why they cannot be replaced with technology. However, certain individuals and decision makers believe that because of increased competition and globalization issues certain employees that are working in the automobile industry can be replaced with technology like robotics and artificial intelligent information systems.

In the scenario of General Motors managers and the decision makers believe that in this competitive environment organizations should cut their costs and through this approach they can attain a sustainable competitive cost advantage over their competitors. That is the reason why many employees were laid of because of the technological advancement in the company. Similarly, certain operational plants of General Motors were closed because of this. However, a balanced approach that is presented by different human resource professionals is that a combination of people, equipment and software must be maintained in an organization (Bernandin, 2008). However, General Motors like other automobile organizations is focusing a lot on quality and operational precision that is the reason why they are working on the scenario of lying of the employees and cutting their costs and as a replacement they are opting for improved and modernized technologies. Research depicts that there were number of factors involved in lying off the employees in which technological advancement and competitive factors can be considered as one of the most important factors.

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