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The purpose of marketing communication and integrated marketing communications

Communication is considered to be very important in our general lives and it is considered to be an important factor in the business settings. Organizations like Dell, Intel, Unilever, Microsoft, HP etc give utmost importance to communication and they spend a lot in developing their effective communication strategies. These organizations make sure that the communication strategy is directly targeting the needs of their target market (Guffey 2009).

Communication strategy of an organization is considered more than just speaking or conveying the idea. However, good communication process of an organization means that the entire message is conveyed effectively and efficiently and all the members or the recipients should understand the message in an effective and an efficient manner. The employees and the stakeholders of the organization are important element in every organizational structure that is the reason why the message should be conveyed to them quite effectively (Guffey, 2009). However, it can be said that marketing communication is also important for different organizations and it helps the organizations in the decision making process (Hair, Friedrich and Dixon  2007).

Marketing communication is basically defined as the messages that are used for the communication with the market. Individuals who deals in elements like advertising, sales promotion, public relations, packaging, promotions, etc are usually considered as marketing communicators. Usually, in most of the organizations the practitioners of marketing communications stresses a lot on the collateral of printed marketing.. These elements ensure that message s delivered to the relevant individuals in an efficient and an effective manner (Percy 2008). In the similar manner another purpose of marketing communication is to focus on elements like product and services (Guffey, 2009). This type of communication is opposed to corporate communication in which the core focus of the communication patters in the company itself. However, on the other hand the core focus of marketing communication is related to the positioning of a particular brand in the minds of the consumer and it is also associated with demand generation.

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