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A significant aspect of flexibility is one that pertains to the absence of teachers in distance education programs. What comes forth as the biggest factor plaguing a newly enrolled external student is the lack of quality teachers. There is no denying the relevance of a good teacher since it is in the student’s hand to establish he direction that a degree student takes. He can be the difference between honors and just passes, a pass and a fail, influencing not just study habits but also the choice of subjects.

Ironically, the absence of this teacher allows the teacher that is present in a distance education program allows a student to explore avenues as he/she goes along with the program. In doing so, the student tends to explore multiple avenues and experiences the subject firsthand which is an aspect that would not come forth in a regular classroom since the student will attempt to follow the course outline and the teacher’s instructions in an attempt to do justice to his/her degree.

Although the arguments presented above appear to hold merit, one cannot ignore realities that tend to contradict the relevance posed by these arguments. For instance, when a student chooses a demanding course it requires specialized trainers and a hefty amount of devotion to the subject. Here, the external system runs into a few setbacks, for people in line for external degrees generally have to study much harder to achieve the same grade, due to a lack of facilities, teachers and even books. Hypothetically and in light of the arguments presented above, it may be ideal for a prospective student living in Hawaii and looking to study UK law to enroll into the external program offered by, in this instance, the University of London, since his choices would generally be accepted to be pretty limited.

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