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Disruption can cause serious threats to security and it might result in data loses and malfunctioning of information. Lack of retrieving valuable information or data errors can create havoc for any organization and it might result in losses to the company in the long term. Security control procedures must be designed in such a way that they must provide a proper backup to the data (Carr & Snyder, 2006). A firewall must be installed for eliminating external threats like hacking, viruses etc.  Disruptions are the most dangerous threat to data security because data can be damaged and fabrications in the data can be lethal to an organization.

In the scenario of destruction a proper back up plan on storage devices is the ultimate remedy of this problem. Moreover, data backup should be placed online and to secure places. Security control procedures of nearly all the organizations revolve around the idea of maintaining backups for data prior to destruction. However, conventional organizations rely heavily on data backups through physical devices but this won’t stop data from destructing in the long run because a disaster like flood or an earth quake can ruin all the devices and storage capacity of the data (Bishop, 2002). Therefore, organizations must maintain backups of data on verified online sources as they are usually secure in all destructive circumstances.  Moreover, organizations must consider that data is of utmost importance and it is used in the decision making process of the company therefore data must be securitized at all levels and utmost care must be given to data in the scenarios of disruption and destruction.

Security in organizations is maintained at all the levels and for this reason a proper hardware and software are used to monitor and control the flow of information. Elements like firewalls and anti viruses are used at a very basic stage to securitize the data. However, on a broader scale certain other devices are used to maintain security of data in the organizations.

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