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The problem of selecting the capital for the state of California was overshadowed with the increasing population of California. Due to the discovery of gold in 1848, a lot of immigrants entered California that lead to settle down population. A government was required to make changes which were suitable to manage the problem. The immigrants who entered the land of gold were from different backgrounds. The gold mines were being fully dominated by the natives. And when the immigrants came in California, they were appointed as the mine workers (Bandini).

The areas where gold was found were made small towns. The increase in the gold camps and towns raised the industrialization process. By 1852, gold extraction and mining business became industrialized completely. The population of California was constantly increasing. By 1952 the population of California was over 200,000 that created some serious racial discrimination among the immigrants and with natives as well. The new government imposed the law of paying twenty dollar tax every month. This law was imposed on foreigner as well. At some level this law was not being practices due to the disorganization of the governmental authorities. Due to such imposition on laws on foreigners led the discrimination become more severe. As a result French and German united with armed Mexican in order to boycott the law. But their protest could not do much about the abolition of law enforcement by the government on the foreigners (Schoenherr).

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