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Strategic alliances are important for different countries because through strategic alliances countries can gain long term benefits. There are different forms of strategic alliance and the simplest form of strategic alliance is contractual arrangement. However, the complex form of strategic alliance is considered as joint ventures. Usually both these types are categorized as arrangement between two or more entities. As far as the advantages of strategic alliances are concerned it includes 1) allowing each partner to share the resources that best matches their capabilities 2) learning abilities and competencies that can be implemented somewhere else and etc.

However certain disadvantages are also associated with strategic alliances these are the high costs of alliances and the viability of alliances. Alliances usually end up in conflict if they are not carried out properly and they might harm they repute of the firm. The examples of famous strategic alliances between corporations are Sony and Ericsson, SEC and Bell South, HP and Compact and etc. Similarly the famous strategic alliance between countries can be considered as the European Union. In the strategic alliance of countries all the members’ countries can share their resources and they collaborate in different aspects like finance, defense and etc. Therefore we can say that in forming strategic alliances careful planning and a forward looking approach is necessary.  That is the reason why a proactive approach must be adopted by organizations that engages into strategic alliance. Global expansion and integrity can be attained through strategic alliance but personal interest of the country must be identified when forming a strategic alliance.

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